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Main Conference Registration (All-inclusive, except Summer School)
  Through July 2 (Beijing time) July 3 - July 31 August1 to onsite
 SIGKDD Member: ¥4420(CN¥) ¥5060.0 (CN¥) ¥5700.0 (CN¥)
$690.0 (US$) $790.0 (US$) $890.0 (US$)
 ACM Member: ¥4610.0 (CN¥) ¥5250.0 (CN¥) ¥5890.0 (CN¥)
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$380.0 (US$) $480.0 (US$) $580.0 (US$)
Workshops/Tutorials (Aug. 12, 2012 only)
  Through July 2 (Beijing time) July 3 - July 31 August1 to onsite
 SIGKDD Member: ¥2435.0 (CN¥) ¥3075.0 (CN¥) ¥3715.0 (CN¥)
$380.0 (US$)  $480.0 (US$) $580.0 (US$)
 ACM Member: ¥2625.0 (CN¥) ¥3265.0 (CN¥) ¥3905.0 (CN¥)
$410.0 (US$) $510.0 (US$) $610.0 (US$)
 SIGMOD/AAAI Member: ¥2820.0 (CN¥) ¥3460.0 (CN¥) ¥4100.0 (CN¥)
$440.0 (US$) $540.0 (US$) $640.0 (US$)
Non-Member: ¥3140.0 (CN¥) ¥3780.0 (CN¥) ¥4420.0 (CN¥)
$490.0 (US$) $590.0 (US$) $690.0 (US$)
Student (with ID): ¥1600.0 (CN¥) ¥2240.0 (CN¥) ¥2880.0 (CN¥)
$250.0 (US$) $350.0 (US$) $450.0 (US$)
Summer School(Sold Out)
  Through July 2 (Beijing time) July 3 - July 31 August1 to onsite
 Summer School Only (Aug 10, 11, 2012): ¥515.0 (CN¥) ¥770.0 (CN¥) ¥900.0 (CN¥)
$80.0 (US$) $120.0 (US$) $140.0 (US$)
 Added package for main conference registration: ¥260.0 (CN¥) ¥385.0 (CN¥) ¥450.0 (CN¥)
$40.0 (US$) $60.0 (US$) $70.0 (US$)
 Added Package for Workshops/TutorialsOnly: ¥260.0 (CN¥) ¥385.0 (CN¥) ¥450.0 (CN¥)
$40.0 (US$) $60.0 (US$) $70.0 (US$)

Tutorial/Workshop Attendance Information
Please select the tutorials (up to 2) and workshops (up to 2) you intend to attend during the conference. This information is only used to help the conference organizer schedule the site resources.

Tutorials (Please select up to 2 tutorials)
August 12, 2012 (Morning)
1.Information and Influence Spread in Social Networks
2.Graphical Models
3.Prediction, Belief, and Markets

August 12, 2012 (Afternoon)
4.Factorization Models for Recommender Systems and Other Applications
5.Data mining in streams
6.Learning to Rank and Its Applications in Web Search and Online Advertising

Workshops (Please select up to 2 workshops. Workshop 21 is free and not be counted.)
1.The 6th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (SensorKDD-2012)
2.The Twelfth International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining
3.The 6th SNA-KDD Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis
4.The Sixth International Workshop on Data Mining for Online Advertising and Internet Economy (ADKDD'12)
5.Mining Data Semantics in Information Networks
6.1st International Workshop on Big Data, Streams and Heterogeneous Source Mining: Algorithms, Systems, Programming Models and Applications (BigMine-2012)
7.CrowdKDD: Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery with Crowdsourcing
8.ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Health Informatics (HI-KDD 2012)
9.KDD CUP Workshop 2012
10.11th International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics
11.The ACM SIGKDD International Workshop on Urban Computing (UrbComp 2012)
12.The First International Workshop on Cross Domain Knowledge Discover in Web and Social Network Mining
13.Workshop on Issues of Sentiment Discovery and Opinion Mining (WISDOM)
14.SustKDD: Workshop on Data Mining Applications in Sustainability
15.The First International Workshop on Software Mining (SoftKDD-2012)
16.ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI-KDD 2012)
17.Workshop on Social Media Analytics (SOMA 2012)
18.The First ACM International Workshop on Hot Topics on Interdisciplinary Social Networks Research (HotSocial)
19.Data Mining and Intelligent Knowledge Management
20.International Workshop on Context Discovery and Data Mining
21. Elsevier Author Workshop & Talks by Publishers



* Package includes: food and beverages for breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch,  posterreceptions, keynote talks and all presentation sessions.
** Package includes: food and beverages for coffee breaks and all workshops/tutorial sessions on Aug 12, 2012 only.
*** Package includes: food and beverages for coffee breaks, lunch, all sessions for the summer school.
Note: We reserve the right to stop accepting reservation once the capacity is reached.

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